What Is Global Warming? Things You Need To Know

Much has been said about global warming but does everyone really know what it is? We know that it’s one of the most important issues in the world today and we should know its fundamentals – what causes it, what makes it worse, and what we can actually do in our little ways.

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Global Warming Defined

Global warming is the overall increase in the earth’s ocean and air temperatures. As mentioned above, it remains to be one of the most pressing mattes that the world is dealing with, especially in this era of increased industrial expansion.

Greenhouse gases keep the earth warm, and they also keep the air from getting out of the planet. However, activities like deforestation and burning fossil fuels cause these atmospheric greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide to be released into the environment. Typically, the process called short-wave radiation causes heat to enter the atmosphere. As this type of radiation heats the surface of the planet, it leaks out of the planet now in the form of long-wave radiation, which is much harder to go through the atmosphere. Atmospheric gases that escape into the air are what cause these long-wave radiations to increase. Consequently, the heat is sealed inside the earth, resulting in a universal warming effect.

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What Causes Global Warming?

Some of the most common causes include the use of artificial fertilizers in farming, nitric acid production, burning of organic substances that cause the release of greenhouse gases.

What Are The Effects Of Global Warming?

When Polar Ice Melts. When ice caps melt, this will result in the desalinization of the oceans, destroying the natural ocean currents. Since these ocean currents are responsible for regulating temperatures by sending warm currents to the cooler areas and vice versa, a disruption of this process might cause severe climate change.

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Wildlife Practices. The polar bear is in the list of the most endangered species today. This may be caused by a reduction of sea ice habitat due to global warming. When ice melts, these bears are stuck and often sink and die. As the melting of the ice persists, more species will add to the list of the endangered.

Famines And Floods. The heavy rains all over America can also be attributed to global warming, as warm air is more capable of pulling in more water vapor compared to cooler air. These calamities have caused the United States to lose over $25 billion. Global warming has put the economy and ultimately, our safety at risk.

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What Can We Do?

Simple things like using the bicycle and purchasing biofuel for your cars will go a long way. Recycling has helped prevent global warming in more ways than one. It tremendously decreases the energy required to make new products.

Global warming is a continuous phenomenon that will progressively deplete our natural resources. It will cause more animal extinctions and further melting of the ice caps. Floods, droughts, coral damage, disease and illness, and economic blows will continue to happen. As we have no choice but to live and try our best to thrive, we must be able to learn how to slow down the process of global warming in our planet by doing those strategies mentioned above. The least we can do is start in our homes and striving to keep a balance between economic progress and environmental protection.

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