Pollution: Everyone Is To Blame

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In the last 2018 pollution summit, a lot of people are wondering. How come all of us on the planet knows a lot about the damage we bring in it, but doesn’t seem to care? The problem is not about knowing what is happening. The issue here is the less and less effort we put into saving the Earth. Are we that insensitive to ignore the fact that our planet is dying?

I do not want to sound hypocrite at all, but that is the point. All of us complain about the pollution in our surroundings. We want to live in a safe and clean area, but we contribute mostly to physical trash everywhere. We love purchasing single-used items wrapped in plastic because it is more convenient. We feel comfortable using toxic chemicals for almost everything we do because that means sanitation. We ignore using our physical energy because we love riding in our not-so-eco-friendly vehicles. We want to eat healthy food, but we buy products that get manufactured by air-polluting machines from industries. We try our best to inform people about the real situation of the world, but there’s no stopping us from purchasing new phones every year. How ironic, isn’t it? We, humans, are causing damage to the planet, and we know that. But because we are more attached to convenience and instant survival, we do not care.

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Yes, all of us are guilty of not caring for the planet. All of us think about the same thing. For us, what matters is the current world we are living in. We believe that future generations will have to suck up to what’s left for them. The majority of people in this world are telling everyone that they care. But in reality, no one bothers making a constant and sincere change.

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