What To Look For In An Effective Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner 

One small step to start the conversion of your house into a green home is to look at the smallest thing you think would make a massive difference to your purpose. You need to see how each and every appliance would affect the environment you and your family dwell in.  

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From our very first lessons of global warming, air conditioners and exhaust fans would always constitute the top list of appliances that emit harmful gases to the environment, which contribute much to the so-called global warming. Scientists and manufacturers have already found a way to solve this – that is through the innovation of eco-friendly air conditioners. But one should not always be deceived by the word ‘eco-friendly’ and buy it right away. Look for the following indicators of what an eco-friendly AC should have:  


  1. Size Should Be Appropriate To Your Home  

Do not buy a small air conditioner for a bigger room to save costs. Doing so would be the reason to drive up your electricity bills and cost you more in the long run.  


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Size matters. Do buy large air conditioning units if that’s what your home calls for. Assess the space and the stuff it confines in (it will affect the cooling requirement of an area). Just picture in your mind that an incorrectly sized air conditioning unit will have a hard time balancing the hot air it sucks in and the cool air it produces.  

    2. There Should Be Two-Stage Compressors 

The compressor of each air conditioning unit is the one responsible for the cooling of the room. Always choose an AC with a two-stage compressor. This is because the system of cooling units involves the squeezing of heated vapors or hot air they suck in and turns it into its cooled state.  

 Two-stage compressors will balance out the energy being used. On colder days, air conditioners with such system will automatically use lesser power. Only on hotter days, the compression will increase.  


     3. Programmable Thermostat  

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Always opt to have an air conditioning unit that will automate its cooling system depending on your preferred schedule. Choose the one which you can program to turn up as soon as you get home from work and on other days which you deem (or your news and weather guy) would have a warmer temperature than the usual. It will undoubtedly be beneficial nowadays considering the fluctuating forecasts and the early anticipated coming of the seasons.  

 Look for this, and your house will have a lower carbon footprint not to mention the savings you will acquire from lower electricity bills. A smart and green home is one that only uses what it needs to use.  


     4. Effective Match System  

Eco-friendly air conditioning units usually have separate energy sources. One is for heating and the other is for cooling purposes. There are certain air conditioner systems that you can customize (internal components) and this is better to achieve the cooling requirements of space and obtain the efficiency you and your family need.  


    5. Easy To Maintain  

Look for air conditioner brands with available and competent service centers. Have a professional technician to perform maintenance on your unit/s at least once a year. It is to ensure that you stay true to your goal why you invested in an eco-friendly air conditioner – lower electricity costs, an efficient system, and a lower carbon emission. 

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Air conditioners may cool your home and keep your family feeling good. But every homeowner should also think of the consequences the AC would pose to the outside surrounding. You and your family should understand that buying an air conditioner is not really compliant with the current necessities of the global warming age.  




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