The Common Misconceptions On Climate Change And Its Realities 

 The issue of climate change has been the talk of the town for how many years now. The downside of this, however, are the misconceptions floating around. This issue confuses interested individuals to separate the facts from fiction. This kind of misinformation often leads to wasted initiatives and technological innovations. To correct some of these errors, listed below are some of the said misconceptions on climate change and its respective realities.  



One Major Contributor To Climate Change Is Aerosol Spray 

In the past, aerosol cans contain chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), which causes the depletion of the stratospheric ozone. This depletion increases the ultraviolet radiation that harms more people, plants, and animals. Nowadays, however, companies make sure not to produce aerosol cans which have CFCs incorporated into it.  



Many think aerosol sprays negatively impact the world, leading to a more severe climate change effect. However, this is not the case. In fact, aerosol spray cans have almost no contribution to this pressing issue.  


A Few Temperature Changes Do Not Matter 

“A few degrees are just minute.” 

 This statement has been one of the typical comments misinformed people utter. They think that this is the case since it had only been 4 to 5 degrees colder today than the temperature 12,000 years ago. Nevertheless, those few degrees were able to cause dramatic changes in today’s earth. To illustrate, the sea levels are now more or less 100 meters lower than before, and some parts of Britain experienced being under a mile of ice.  



These small temperature changes are mainly caused by human activities – cutting trees to urbanize the lands, burning coal, gas, and oil for energy production, and more. To avoid negative climate change occurrences, it is best if we cut our emissions of greenhouse gases. You can do it by saving energy and changing the manufacturing process of food and other products.  


Climate Change Brings Nicer Weather 

A common misconception about climate change is it brings nicer weather to the earth. The reality is far from it though.  


Climate change contributes to more complicated weather patterns. Some countries may be experiencing this kind of problem now wherein a country, supposedly in its summer or spring season, might have been exposed to continuous rains recently. These global temperature fluctuations increase the possibility of the occurrence of storms, droughts, floods, and other extreme events.  


There Is Already Climate Change Before The Burning Of Coal And Oil 

Many people do not believe that human activities, such as burning oil and coal, are the leading causes of climate change. This kind of thinking stemmed from the idea that the climate has been continuously changing even before these unpleasant human actions have occurred. In reality, however, climate change is happening due to the combination of both human and natural sources.  




The good thing about this is that scientists can tell which occurrences are natural or human-made. According to the various researches, human-made carbon dioxide is the primary cause of climate change. They have also deduced that 80 percent of the said man-made carbon dioxide emissions come from the burning of oil, coal, natural gas, and other kinds of fossil fuels while 20 percent arise from land surface changes and deforestation.  


The best way to avoid this kind of misinformation is to research these topics beforehand. This way, it will be easier to come up with initiatives and technological innovations that can address this pressing problem. Besides, every individual has the same task. It is everyone’s mission to create a world full of harmony where both human and nature can thrive and benefit together.  




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