Teaching Your Kids Ways To Prevent Environmental Pollution – Because Their Future Is In Your Hands

Any kind of pollution does not only harm the ecosystem, but it also has a tremendous negative impact on our children. According to the World Health Organization, polluted areas are among the leading causes of one in four deaths of kids below five years old. These potential dangers may not be very likely, but with the calamities and natural disasters that the United States has experienced, it seems that significant considerations should be made on preventing pollution and focusing on sustainability to help our children survive and thrive in a world of erratic climates and not-so-healthy environments.

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Though pollution may not be the direct cause of distress, depression, low immune system, and abnormal brain development in growing kids have become more popular in children who live in harmful environments. Just a few years back, around 25% of children deaths could have been avoided if the risks were reduced or effectively eliminated. Polluted areas are also a threat to pregnant women as well, as it increases their likelihood of delivering prematurely or having babies that have congenital diseases. In fact, there have been reports of newborns suffering from respiratory failure and heart abnormalities because their mothers have been living in polluted homes for the period of their pregnancy.

Educating Our Children

Teaching our kids about how sustainability somehow saves the world is crucial today. Encouraging them to take care of the earth that they live in is also an equally vital part of parenting. This doesn’t only keep them from dying early or perhaps acquiring life-threatening conditions, but it is ultimately our way of trying to help preserve Mother Nature, from the trees, rivers, and lakes, down to the wildlife. Teaching them early will ensure that they will be practicing healthy and useful strategies at a young age, and soon will successfully pass these strategies on to the next generation.

  • Grow A ‘Food Garden.’ You don’t have to impose that they make a farm with you in your backyard, but just a few edible plants will train them into growing their food. This is a wonderful way of showing them that it is always better to know where your food came from, and it’s most healthy when you plant them yourself. You can probably teach them composting, starting with a small worm compost initially.
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  • Learn Together About Carbon Footprint. Little is known about this topic, which is why you can learn more about it with your kids. When you buy food, you can talk about it while you walk together to the grocery store. At home, use plastic bottles for your small plants so they’ll know how to recycle. Slowly talk to them about renewable energy in the most elementary way, and soon they’ll know as much as you do.
  • Do Volunteer Work With Your Children. This can be in the form of a tree planting activity or a neighborhood cleanup. Whatever volunteer job you do with them, don’t forget to share some insights into how communities save the earth through their little ways. Plus, it’ll help them improve their social and leadership skills!
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  • Go Nature Tripping. Don’t encourage them to watch television or hang out with their phones during the weekends or the holidays. Have an afternoon snack at the park or the zoo, or dip into your local waterfalls or lakes. Share with them the beauty of a clean and healthy environment, so they learn to appreciate the world they are in.

Final Thoughts

Making sure that you do your vital role as a parent and as a human who was given the gift that is the earth would be one of your greatest achievements. Hopefully, the adventures that you do with your children and your family will not only save the earth but also help you grow closer and stronger as well!

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