The 2015 Houston Climate Change Conference was the first seminar we attended that concentrated on the alarming and irreversible changes that the weather deals with even now. It happens to be one of the events we could never forget too because of how much we learned about climate change, particularly how to mitigate it.

Assuming we share a common interest of protecting not only Mother Nature but also the inhabitants of Earth in the present and future, you should take the following measures.

1. Lessen Your Car Use

The first problem that prevails across the globe is the excessive number of vehicles parading on the roads. Many are already found in small towns, but that is nothing in comparison with thousands of cars getting jammed in traffic in metros daily.


The thing is, every auto burns fossil fuels, which are non-renewable sources of energy. It also emits carbon monoxide, which is an odorless yet deadly gas that gets inhaled by humans and damages the ozone layer simultaneously. If you use a bicycle or skateboard more often than a car, though, you won’t contribute to climate change as much as others.

2. Embrace Renewable Energy

Keep in mind that private and government organizations do not provide funds for solar panels or wind turbines for no reason. You may see them a lot more these days than ever because the authorities want to introduce other sources of power whose supply will not deplete anytime in the future. The panels receive energy from sunlight, after all, while the turbines convert wind into energy.

If you have an opportunity to forgo regular electricity, therefore, you should grab it. We can only burn so much fossil fuels before their supply runs out and our environment becomes destroyed. It is better to embrace renewable sources now to prevent that from happening.


3. Think Of Recycling Techniques

When you talk about recycling, some people assume that it merely entails turning an empty wine bottle into a flower vase or making new paper sheets from old newspapers. In reality, you can even use your fruit or vegetable peelings, tattered clothes, and other items that usually end up in the waste bin for various projects. If you do that, garbage won’t pollute the earth, and climate change may become the least of our worries.


Be mindful of your life choices to avoid contributing to environmental issues. Heed to preventative measures mentioned above now to stop the weather from worsening.

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